Top 10 Classified Websites

Top 10 Classified Websites

A classified website is where small business owners and sellers go to when they need a large audience. Most of these websites offer free adverts or marketing services, to small business owners, freelancers, online marketers, and advertisers to boost their businesses, and work on a larger platform. In addition to these, one can also buy, and sell new, or used items from houses to automobiles to basic needs on the website.

A classified website is mostly used by business owners to draw attention to their site, and promote their businesses. It is a way of achieving your desired advertising goal if on a limited budget. It is an almost perfect alternative to other means of advertising like, newspapers, radio, and TV. Most classified websites are safe to use as the only necessary information is uploaded by the business owner. It is equally necessary that the sellers update their adverts regularly to enjoy the benefits of more people getting to know what they offer. Let’s give you the top 10 classified websites in Nigeria that both buyers and sellers can use.


Top 10 Classified Websites

This website gets popular by the day as it is the most preferred by people due to its simple and fast use. It is very convenient to place an advert or navigate to buy products without getting lost in the site. has become a household name where over 800,000 adverts are placed, attracting 160,000 sellers who promote their goods, and services to 7million registered users on a monthly basis. It can also be downloaded as an app on Android or IOS. It is indeed one of the best-classified websites in Nigeria, as it has received so many awards locally, and globally.


Top 10 Classified Websites

This site places adverts for cars only. If you want to buy, or sell a used or new vehicle, this is the place is very responsive, equally easy to use. With a quick search, one can find the type of car, price, and other information needed before purchase. Advertise on this website, and be sure to find the right customer with a good deal for your car. In 2015, Cheki signed a partnership with Manheim Inc, the biggest global automobile auction company, to give its users the opportunity to buy cars abroad with minimal cost. This website boasts of over 80,000 car listings and 1.5 million visitors monthly.


Top 10 Classified Websites

A trusted online job search website, Jobzilla is where you can find the latest job vacancies and business opportunities. Its easy use, and sometimes detection of job scammers brings people to its domain on a daily basis. They also offer job tips to users on how to get their dream jobs and achieve growth in their career. As their motto says, “just because there’s dignity in labor,” Jobzilla is here to offer authentic job adverts to job finders, thereby, in their little way, reduce unemployment in Nigeria.  

4. PrivateProperty

Top 10 Classified Websites is Nigeria’s largest online marketplace to purchase, sell, or lease properties. It connects house owners, landlords, agents to tenants, and buyers looking for the latest property listings, securing the best deals in the market. The website offers an easy, fast, and effortless experience as you maneuver your way through it. The interface has been made interactive and direct for everyone. After its launch in 2011, has since listed over 140,000 properties, for rent and sale in Nigeria. With several sellers, agents, and renters on this website, if you are looking to buy, or lease, this site is for you. 


Top 10 Classified Websites

The aim of this website is to provide users with beneficial browsing experience, as well as helping them post classified adverts in various categories. spans across various categories of goods and services for both buyers, and sellers to indulge. If you are looking for a job, property, items for babies, music, books, or services like tutoring, dating platform, this classified website is for you. It is enabled in such a way that adverts are placed from every state in Nigeria, all you need is to click your preferred location and navigate through the categories. Location also has an app available on both Android and IOS, with a 3.0 rating.

6. NairaOutlet

Top 10 Classified Websites

Not just being an easy to navigate the classified website, with categories on display for users, is free for individuals to buy and sell goods and services. Categories on this website include beauty products, business services, cars, properties, home needs, fashion, sports or leisure, jobs, and so on. You are sure to get certified adverts and best deals on this website.


Top 10 Classified Websites

With a 100% free advert offer for both individuals, and business owners, is the one-stop-shop. All you need is to signup and start advertising. This website helps you display your goods, services, in the right place, and in front of the right audience. With thousands of people registering and advertising, you are sure to get the best deals.


Top 10 Classified Websites

This is another classified website where you can buy, sell, communicate, or lease anything, and everything. On, it is easy to buy or sell locally as the website is made in such a way that you can search the location of buyers. All you have to do is search, and find the best deals on this website. Individuals can sign up for free, taking only a minute to post, and manage adverts. With over 120 different categories, carefully reviewed, and quality adverts, it boasts of a wide selection of new, and second-hand goods, spanning cars, houses, mobile phones, computers, electronics, and services like home decor, job offers, tutoring, and so on.


Top 10 Classified Websites

Another online classified website that has created a niche for itself, as the name clearly states, deals with the purchasing of cars. It is indeed a point of reference for interested car sellers, and buyers. The aim of this website is to help users overcome the old marketing ways of doing business, becoming market leaders, thereby taking advantage of digital opportunities that lie before them. It is easy to use for both sellers, and buyers, offering flexible policies. Every individual is a simple registration away from experiencing the best deals and a great return on investment.

10. Olist by Opera

Top 10 Classified Websites

This classified website is relatively new in Nigeria. Olist is a product of Opera and it is a free online market place connecting buyers and sellers. A quick registration, one-minute posting of your advert leads you to experience the market without leaving the comfort of your home. You can easily shop for various goods, and services under categories like Cars, Houses, Phones, Vehicles, Jobs, Electronics, Fashion, etc. The website is also effortless to navigate, giving you an excellent browsing experience.

Using a classified website can be risky and safe at the same time. It is advisable to confirm such websites before use. These top 10 sites that we have listed above have proven to be free, safe, and easy to use.

Looking to boost your business? or buy items, and try out services? Try any of these sites and thank us later.

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