Top 10 Nigerian Makeup Brands
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Top 10 Nigerian Makeup Brands

For decades, beauty and makeup in Nigeria has gone from Nigerians patronizing foreign brands to producing and owning makeup brands. From foundations, to eye shadow, and lip products, these Nigerian brands have it all. Some brands set the pace and others followed, giving us a wide variety of brands that specialize in various makeup products, causing a diversity of products that makeup artists, bloggers, vloggers, and even individuals can use. If you are looking for quality and trustworthy Nigerian made makeup brands, then, it is with great enthusiasm that we bring this top 10 makeup brands for your perusal and review.

1. House of Tara International (HoT)

Makeup in Nigeria, and House of Tara, go hand in hand. It is impossible to talk about the makeup industry in Nigeria and Africa as a continent and not mention this brand. This international brand, owned by veteran lawyer and makeup artist, Tara Fela-Durotoye was founded in 1988 and has since been the avant-garde of beauty and makeup in Nigeria. With beauty studios all across Africa, HOT, as it is popularly called, is known for its quality, many shade ranges, and affordable products, ranging from foundation powers, highlighters, lipsticks, contouring palettes, mascara, and eye shadow. One of many ways this brand shares the Nigerian culture is the names of its lipsticks. House of Tara has successfully bridged the gap of makeup Nigeria, setting a pace, and creating a profitable business in makeup. The brand also boasts of a makeup school where young people learn the art of makeup, thus becoming their bosses.

2. BMpro Makeup

Another leading makeup brand, BMpro offers the best in trending makeup range and looks. Founder, Banke Meshida Lawal, another pacesetter in the makeup industry in Africa, launched in 2006, one of the largest makeup brands in the world. BMpro boasts of chic and trendy products as they keep reeling creative, quality, and must-have products, which are known to make people look effortlessly flawless and beautiful. They create their products based on the Nigerian weather, specializing in hypoallergenic, highly pigmented and long-lasting foundations, powders, lipsticks, eye shadow pigments, and much more.

3. Zaron Cosmetics

This is another household name and leading global cosmetics brand. With over 1000 distributors in Nigeria and Africa, it provides cosmetics lifestyle products to its customers. It was founded in 2011 and has since released a wide range of quality products. Zaron has successfully taken its place in the makeup industry, as founder, Oke Maduewesi has given her all. The brand aims to deliver consistent, quality, and value for money products that promote physical beauty and inner self-esteem. Makeup artists are in love with this brand as they specialize in setting spray foundations, powders, liners, lipsticks, eyelashes, etc.

4. Kuddy Cosmetics

Having been in the game for so long, Kuddy Cosmetics is sitting pretty in the makeup industry. Kudirat Fashola, founder of Kuddy, is using the brand to solve all makeup problems with the right quality products. It has been the number one dealer for the Black Opal brand in Nigeria and also retails other brands like MAC, Makari, etc. Kuddy understands the importance of safe and quality makeup products; as a brand that makeup artists trust wholeheartedly, they showcase this by specializing in pre-makeup and actual makeup products from their brand, and other brands they retail.

5. Nuban Beauty

Nigerian trained medical lab scientist and part-time makeup artist, Stella Ndekile and Nigerian celebrity makeup artist, Jane Ogu have together created this innovative, premium brand. Nuban beauty is one of the popular, fast-growing makeup brands in Nigeria, providing quality, affordable, makeup products for the African woman. The union of the two makeup artists have created a hit as their beauty blenders and eye shadow palettes are must-haves, not forgetting their lipsticks, makeup brushes, fixing sprays, makeup, boxes or bags.

6. Dabota Cosmetics

During her reign in 2009 as Miss Nigeria UK, certainly using a lot of makeup products, ex-beauty queen Dabota Lawson definitely learned a lot, which led her to create the masterpiece Dabota Cosmetics. Most of her makeup products are made to cater to all skin types as they are mineral-based, fragrance-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and allergy-tested. They are also oil-free which makes it very suitable for Nigerian weather, with her lip products infused with Vitamin E. She offers makeup products ranging from cream foundations, bold lipsticks/lip glosses, high definition foundations, and more.

7. Yanga Beauty

The name of this brand says it all, as one is sure to do “shakara” after using its products. From setting sprays to primers and body glows, the brand has it all for you. Launched in 2016, by Jennifer Lisa Uloko, four years down the line, this brand has become everyone’s favorite. Yanga Beauty is an innovative makeup powerhouse, out to suit the need of every Nigerian. They are popular for their Browlution, eyebrow product, and other beauty, and makeup products, like beauty blenders, matte lipsticks, and skincare products.

8. Hegai and Esther

With the sole purpose of offering innovative makeup solutions, providing outstanding makeup products for extraordinary women, Gbemisola Adebayo created Hegai and Esther. The brand is one of the fastest-growing makeup brands in Nigeria, known for its education of makeup hygiene. Started in 2002 with its eyebrow cream, the brand came back with full force in 2016 and launched its foundations, powders, contour kits, eye shadow, and various other products, proving to us that they are a force to reckon with.

9. Zikel Cosmetics

This proudly Nigerian, exquisite, affordable makeup brand is founded by Kelvin Ezekiel. It is gradually carving a niche for itself in the makeup industry by providing a high standard, affordable, clinically tested products for the African woman. They aim to become a globally valued beauty brand of African origin, thus serving us their glow kit mini palette, pro matte HD foundation, pencil, face definer, etc.

10. Taos Beauty Brand

Popular for its Taos glow and Taos Hollywood highly pigmented and easy to blend eye shadow, Vanessa Onwughalu has successfully created this fast-growing makeup brand, providing luxurious and affordable products. Taos products, made from botanical natural ingredients and lots of love, is good for sensitive skin. The brand specializes in versatile products ranging from lipsticks, eye shadow, lip glosses, bronzers, and must-have shimmer oil. Taos Beauty Brand is definitely not out to play!

Have you tried any of these products? What was your experience? Let us know in the comment box below.

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