Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

For over two months, the world has been on standstill since the enforcement of a lockdown and social distancing order, leading to the close of places of worship, and social gathering, with the aim of curbing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic that broke out early this year. As residents continue to stay home, a lot of people are putting down bucket lists of where to go once it is all over. Favourite places are closed for the time being and individuals can’t wait to have their freedom once more.

In that regard, we have also come up with our bucket list to show that you are not alone in this. Maybe you can borrow from us, and vice versa. Just in case you do not have one, this compiled list will help you decide.

1. Church/Mosque

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

Nothing beats being in the presence of your creator with fellow believers like you. Since the temporary closedown of places of worship, services are now held online and on TV, but it does not take away the physical need of being present in the building itself and with people of like minds. The idea of greeting, shaking, and hugging after services, is on hold. We have begun to appreciate how important it is to embrace a friend, and we only look forward to when things will be normal again.

2. Office

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

A lot of companies, even with the government easing the lockdown, still work from home. Most people miss their office buildings, their work tables, the chance to interact with colleagues physically, and all the perks that come with going to work. Although, working from home eases the stress of not leaving the house early and being in traffic, and with online apps, it is much easier, but as humans, we crave the physical interaction, and this why Tola is going to rush to her office at Ikeja the minute she is allowed to.

3. Owambe

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

When last did you buy the popular, “Aso-Ebi”? Of course, just like I thought, weddings are temporarily out of stock too, so no Aso-Ebi for anybody. you miss Owambe, we all miss Owambe. The whole vibe of purchasing your friend’s “Aso-Ebi”, or being on the bridal train, and looking so take away, has all been put on hold till further notice. There’s no doubt that when COVID-19 says goodbye, we will be crashing weddings.

4. Night Club

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

You can listen to loud music and turn up at home, but it is nothing compared to the feeling you get when chilling at Cubana or Quilox. Clubs are temporarily locked to the dismay of club owners and goers, Friday nights have become solemn, no loud music, no partying, no clubbing. Nobody is saying “Thank God It’s Friday” anymore and no more hashtags like #FridayNiteChillingAtQuilox. You do not want to imagine what will happen when clubs are free to open up again.

5. Fitness Centre – Gym

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

Since the lockdown, a lot of people took to home workout and jogging, trying to keep fit due to the sedentary life that was forced on them. The individuals that frequented the gym prior to the pandemic had to make do with home equipment. The feel of the gym machines on their hands and feet is a longing desire after being away for so long. Imagine the flood, when it is declared okay to use the gym.

6. Lounge/Bar/Viewing Centre

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

The lockdown has brought both local and international football matches to a complete halt. Even the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic had to be postponed as a result of the pandemic. Not just sporting activities, Lounges, Bars, and viewing centres are not in business, as the football leagues aren’t either. Social distancing is still the order of the day, so we are definitely not seeing men running around a pitch for the time being. When the world is COVID-19 free, the brethren will converge again.

7. Movie Cinema

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

Lately, we have watched every movie on Netflix. A lot of people have even binged watched shows like never before but your phone and laptop screens have nothing on that big screen at the movies. We miss movie premieres, 3D glasses, and popcorn. The cinema is definitely one of the places to say hi to, when this is all over.

8. Beach

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

We can’t forget that cool breeze, the large expanse of water, and sand. Now imagine the feel of the sand and water on your feet and the wind on your skin, holding your loved one’s hand and taking a walk. You definitely deserve this, having survived the pandemic.

9. Shopping Mall

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

All those beautiful shops, restaurants, stores, and the likes are just waiting to be filled with people again. They have missed us as much as we have missed them. The Window Shoppers must be going through a very boring period right now. #Winks. Do not worry, Mr. Mall, we will be back in no time!

10. Recreation Park

Top 10 places you want to go after the Pandemic

At this rate, it is definitely not weird to miss anything, including the feel of grass. Children running around the parks, groups having meetings, and lovers having picnics. So many things to miss about the park. That is why when we are free to go outside again, the park will also be a point of call.

There are so many other places you’d like to be after the pandemic. Please feel free to drop your comments below. #StaySafe and take precautions, this too shall pass.

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