Top 10 Traveling Taboos you should break

Top 10 Traveling Taboos you should break


Top 10 Traveling Taboos you should break

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal” – Paul Coelho

The words of the great novelist comes to mind as I begin to think of travel. Traveling is much more than saving some money, packing up your bags, booking a flight/hotel, and heading to your destination. Life comes with a lot of rules and it is okay to break these rules once in a while.

Maya Angelou says, “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be“. If that does not explain the reason for this article, I do not know what will. Normal is boring, following the rules, and every travel tip is mundane, that is why I dare you to break these travel taboos. I await my Thank you, card.

1. Not saving money for a Trip

I know this sounds absurd, knowing the notion that traveling is expensive. The only expensive part can be your plane ticket, you can make memories and have fun with little cash at your destination. Most places around the world, outside your comfort zone, do not need admission fees to see them and unless you are a foodie or on a food-tasting journey, it is not necessary to spend so much on local cuisine, leaving you with enough to do more. A lot of places boasts of affordable street food, you should try some. You’d be surprised at how affordable your trip can be, you don’t have to save all year to embark on that desired trip.

2. Travelling very light

It is okay to be fluid when packing for a trip, especially when visiting for the first time. Take your bag, put in specifics and essentials, and be on your way. Travel light and surprise yourself with how much adventure you’d experience. Being extremely careful all the time leads to excess baggage.

3. Traveling alone

Talking about excess baggage, traveling alone is not weird. It is normal to desire to travel with family or a lover but I recommend traveling alone just one time. Although single prices are usually higher than double, it shouldn’t discourage you. Sometimes, all you need is that alone time to activate your natural instincts, make new friends, and participate in breathtaking activities. It definitely sounds scary going to an entirely new place alone, that is why I also recommend doing some research before heading out…alone!

4. Traveling without a plan or itinerary

A to-do list sounds like a good idea, right? NO! Go ahead and book your ticket, do a little research on must-see places at your destination and be on your way. Do not have any plans, surprise yourself, and see how much fun you will experience when you are not scheduled and limiting yourself from having the time of your life.

5. Not traveling to a specific place

It does not hurt to be flexible with where you want to go. I know you have planned to visit Cancun this year but for some reason tickets are expensive and you want to cancel? No dear, making location the deal breaker is unacceptable. Be proactive and search for many other wonderful places just like Cancun and head there. It is obviously not your first choice, and it’s probably not so popular but getting mind blown is very possible.

6. Being under-Prepared

At this point you must think I know nothing about traveling but predictability is no fun. Your journey won’t be a mystery if you already know all the steps to take. I have already stated that a little research goes a long way but do not get filled up, leave some space for the unknown and imagine the awesome memories, you come home with.

7. Not staying at a Hotel

Everyone talks about how expensive accommodation can be when you travel, but who said you have to stay at a hotel? What’s an adventure if you stay locked up in an overpriced five-star hotel room all day? There are many more affordable accommodation like hostels, Airbnb, homestays, and the likes, that give you the experience of a lifetime. Except you are into hoarding tiny shampoos, and bath gels, you are fine outside the $200 per night room.

8. Eat local Food

Dining is one expensive bit of traveling right? So why not hit the streets and surprise your taste buds. Nobody is saying you should eat anything and everything you stumble on, but if you are specially on a food-tasting journey, then what is better than asking for favorite spots, and typical foods for that area and indulging your cravings?

9. Not having an allocated period for a Trip

It is commonplace to decide on a 2-weeks trip to a certain country to relax, have a great adventure, and come home ecstatic. Some visas do not even give you the chance to stay for a longer period. So why not try a place that gives you enough time to take it all in, especially when you have all the time to spare and no emergency back home. Book your one-way ticket, get to your destination, soak all of it in and when you have had enough, head back home with a head full of memories.

10. Not getting Souvenirs

This sounds quirky, but maybe just one time, get rid of the lists family and friends have given you and spoil yourself silly. I think it’s okay to be selfish once in a while. Augustine of Hippo says, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel only read one page”. He couldn’t have said it any better. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive, scheduled or less than adventurous. It is all about trying new things, and it won’t hurt to give in. 

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